Blendl GmbH was founded as something like a “Management Buy Out” from DODUCO GmbH and started the business activities at 01. April 2014. It is the former business unit “Plating Products” of DODUCO. DODUCO itself was founded in 1922 and started with a gold and silver refinery for the jewelry industry. 1930 the factory for the production of precious metal finished products, contact material and contact parts was established. DODUCO developed a wide range of electrolytic and electroless plating process for coating of precious metals and the necessary under layers. At the beginning DODUCO was the provider of plating products for the jewelry industry, after also for contact materials and at least for PCB too. DODUCO established ENIG first in the European PCB market.


  • Blendl GmbH has a contract with DODUCO GmbH, to take over the external business with the license to use all formulations and trade marks of DODUCO GmbH.
  • The company has it’s own R&D department, where the first new products have been currently developed. To be able to continue developing new products and providing excellent support to the customer we installed a R&D laboratory and an analytical laboratory an with the necessary devices for analysis.
  • DU our own production facility with all necessary equipment and resources, we are independent to produce all products according the formulations. The formulations which are licensed from DODUCO and our own formulations of the new developed products.
  • strategic partner ship with RIAG AG, a subsidiary of AHC Oberflächentechnik, of electroless nickel technology. Before the founding of Blendl GmbH AHC developed the electroless nickel chemicals in cooperation with Doduco GmbH and since April 2014 with Blendl GmbH. RIAG AG is producing the chemicals and doing the support. Blendl GmbH holds the sales exclusivity for pcb and semi conductor market on the important markets like Europe, China, Hongkong, Taiwan and South-Korea.


  • Establishing the company with the taken over business from DODUCO Continue cooperation with strategic partner RIAG AG
  • Develop new products on customer and market demand
  • Continue going global with the present sales cooperation in the important markets
  • Sales partners in Austria, Switzerland, China, India, South-Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Russia and Japan
  • Focus in electronic market for precious metal coating