Produkt Portfolio

Plating Technology for different applications


  • Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold (ENIG), high and low temperature nickel
  • Soft Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold
  • Electroless Nickel / Immersion Palladium /Immersion Gold (ENIPIG)
  • Electroless Nickel / Electroless Palladium / Immersion Gold (ENEPIG)
  • Electroless Nickel / Electroless Palladium / Semi-autocatalytic Gold (ENEPAG)
  • Electroless Palladium / Semi-autocatalytic Gold direct on copper (EPAG)
  • Electrolytic Hard and Pure Gold with the necessary under coatings
  • Electrolytic Silver and Cyanide free electrolytic silver
  • Immersion tin
  • Electrolytic Palladium

Contact Technology:

  • High Speed Gold
  • High Speed Silver
  • High Speed Palladium
  • Hard Gold for Rack and Barrel Plating
  • Electrolytic Silver for Rack and Barrel Plating
  • Electrolytic Silver cyanide free
  • Electrolytic Palladium and Palladium alloy (Pd/Ni, Pd/Zn)
  • Electrolytic Rhodium

Jewelry Application:

  • Hard Gold in different colors
  • Red Gold
  • Gold for Electroforming
  • Palladium and Palladium alloy (Pd/Zn)
  • Palladium for Electroforming
  • Silver for Rack and Barrel Plating
  • Bronce, white and yellow and white Bronce lead free
  • Rhodium

General Plating Technology and others:

  • Electrolytic Gold plating direct on stainless steel
  • Electrolytic Tin
  • Immersion Tin
  • Different electrolytic Nickel for rack and barrel plating
  • Electroless Nickel
  • Electroless Nickel for Aluminum
  • Anti tarnish for silver, palladium and gold
  • Stripper for nickel (electrolytic and electroless), gold, tin, silver, palladium and dry film
  • Stripper for contact clams
  • Flux for HAL (hot air leveling)
  • Pre-treatments, electrolytic and electroless