New Products for Electronics

Pallablex 10 – Catalyst

The Pallablex 10 is a new developed catalyst based on sulfuric acid. The advantage of it is total reduction of Nickel and Palladium over plating between conductors, especially with very small width. That are 30 microns or less.

The effect is depending on the type of electroless Nickel bath and the palladium concentration in the catalyst. In combination with the new electroless Nickel DNC 525, the Palladium concentration is at only 25 mg/liter.

The other big advantage, the catalyst avoids any plating in non pth-holes. This was the reason for our customer to install it. The system is now running several month in a big plating line and fulfilled the requirements of the customer.

DNC 525 – Electroless Nickel bath

The DNC 525 is a slow-working electroless nickel bath having a deposition rate of about 15 microns per hour. The working temperature is 80 ° to 82 ° C. The bath has a nickel content of 5 g/l and a hypophosphite content of 40 g/l. The pH-value is 4.8 ± 0.05 and the phosphorus content is 8-9% by weight. During operation only 2 replenishments in a 1:1 ratio to be dosed, depending of the deposited nickel. The palladium concentration in the catalyst is usually only 25 mg/l. It is recommended to use Nickel controller.

DNC DDC – Electroless Nickel bath

The DNC DDC is a so-called soft nickel bath, which is especially designed for the coating of flexible printed circuit boards. Very ductile nickel layers deposited which fulfill special requirements concerning bending strength , the ductile properties caused by the vertical structure of the nickel layer

The DNC DDC has a deposition rate of 10-11 microns/h. Typically will be about 2.25 microns (90 μinch) nickel deposited . The bath has a working temperature of about 85°C, with a nickel content of 5 g/l and a pH-value of about 4.5 . The phosphorus content is from 8 to 9 % by weight. During operation 2 replenishments in a 1:1 ratio to be dosed, depending of the deposited nickel. The use of a nickel controller is recommended.


Micro section DNC DDC


Soft Nickel bended radius 0,75


Normal Nickel bended radius 0,75

Auroblex 10 – Immersion Gold bath

The Auroblex 10 is the further development of immersion gold bath. A so called nickel protector was developed to normalize the chemical potentials of different phosphorus concentration in the crystal structure, thus creating a potential equalization . Thus a uniform dissolution of Nickel is achieved. Usually with no or very less nickel corrosion.


Auroblex 100 – Semi-autocatalytic Gold bath

Auroblex 100 is a new development , which is designed especially for the coating of palladium layers in ENIPIG, ENEPIG or EPIG layer systems instead of immersion gold. Due to the semi-autocatalytic properties of it, gold layer thicknesses up to 400 nm on palladium or nickel are easily possible . The layers have outstanding uniform layer thicknesses. The control of the thickness is easily adjustable. The bath is very stable and easy to conduct. It usually shows no corrosion, either on the nickel or on the palladium layer . It could be directly coated on nickel or palladium. The bath operates at 1.2 g/l of gold, pH –value 7.3 and temperature of 80 °C. Typical dwell time for 30 nm gold thickness on palladium are approximately 10 minutes.